India Part 3: preparing for the rest of the journey

So it seems that my self created thoughts are not actually what is going to happen or “suppose to” happen. I find myself shoulding on myself far too often. But this time it happened to work in my favour.

I decided that the one way ticket to India will be the beginning of my journey for the next 5-10years without returning to Canada (this didn’t happen of course, more on this later). So I assumed that if I end up in a village somewhere they may not accept physical touch, so my massage therapy background may not be the most appropriate.

I signed up for a program to learn to be a teacher in English as Second Language. It seemed to be the “in” thing to do and pretty prevalent in almost every country.

I arrived to Kerela, and ended up staying with a couchsurfing host (a family of 4) for a month. They opened their hearts, home and cultural ways to me as though I was their daughter. I even bought and wore the traditional clothing my host made for me. I went to school for 3 weeks everyday and learnt to be a teacher. I never practiced what I learnt but through the experience I made a close friend, whom I stay in close contact with to this day. She is from Ireland and was the only other foreigner in the class with me, the rest were Indian and from all parts of the country. We spent plenty of time together and just her presence and the connection we made was worth it to me to have spent that much money, time and energy attending that school.

Kerela is beautiful and I’m thrilled that I ended up there, couchsurfing and the ESL course as the catalysts for me.

I stayed in an Ayurvedic outdoor retreat clinic place in the nature for 3 weeks after the course and received incredible treatments daily including oil massage, oil enemas, oil over the forward and abdomen, herbal treatments in all orfices of my body and yummy Indian food (which I later realized is not the healthiest as it’s overcooked. BUt at least I avoided the rice, potatoes, and bread (as I have for the past 3yrs in general, so the lack of gluey starch made the experience easier)

So with a little TLC (tender loving care) I continued to my next couchsurfer, a beautiful open, loving retired middle aged English man who I stayed with for 9 days in the middle of the jungle in his incredible mansion home among deer, peacock, birds, jaguars (nonvisible) and other wild life, villagers and incredible nature, close to Ooty and Mysore. Other couchsurfers joined us and we all had a blast. He remains a friend to this day.

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