My one way ticket to Ecuador again….

I’m sitting in a Greyhound Coach bus, it’s 9:30am Monday October 28th 2013. I’m on some highway in New York, heading to Penn Station to meet a friend in New Jersey for 2 days. Why I am I here? How did 3 months in Canada pass by, like the snap of a finger?

I don’t actually dwell on such thoughts, it’s only in the moment I ask and then let the thought go as quickly as it appeared. It’s one of those human experiences where the time spent in one spot is so potent, magical and jam packed with “doing” so much that by the time the “doing” is done the time flies and it’s onto the next chapter of life whatever that may be.

I remember last year in Hawaii I didn’t have this feeling, somehow it’s as though the location, my mindset and what I chose to engage in affected the outcome and my decisions leading up to the next event in my life. If it wasn’t for the limited 6month visa I felt like I would have stayed indefinitely. Again all that happens is exactly as it needs to, one just has to step out of the way, surrender, allow and accept and make the best of whatever happens next. Thus space is created for the magic to happen. And it’s an option to return in the future and an opportunity to digest and utilize the tools that were gained from the events of the past to prepare for the future.

Since I began my one way ticketed travels (starting 4 years ago in India) I unintentionally return to Canada for 3 months almost every year since. It’s about the amount of time I spend in Toronto before the signs and urge trickle through me, nudging me to spread my wings and fly onward. Like the birds that fly South for the Winter or the bears that hibernate for 3-4 months in the Winter or the plants that go into their dormant stage until the sun and temperature go up, I too find my biorhythm varies and adjusts according to where I am in my mindset, in my life, in the moment.

Factors could very well be weather related, but I personally used the time limit of a visa or the opportunities that arise in a country for me as the factors for where I go next. The signs come up in a variety of ways, I just show up, “fine tune” my rhythm and connection to Source, to tune into where to go next. What I’ll do when I arrive I do not limit by planning too much in advance. I leave mystery for life to grace me with all its glory. It’s different every time, but of course just a continuation of where I already am. And now it’s focused on health, happiness, spreading messages of love, positivity, connecting to all walks of life, sharing the tools I’ve discovered and reinvented in the kitchen and in life in general.

So this past year I traveled to Bali for 3 months, Thailand for 6months, 1 month in Israel and Europe for 2 months (France, Spain and Italy). Once in a while I like to scavenge online for places to go, what’s happening in the world that will benefit my highest good, thus benefit all of humanity and be open to delving into one day.

Last year my father joined me for 5 weeks in Hawaii, 7 weeks in Bali, this year 7 weeks in Thailand, 2 weeks in Israel and 2 weeks in France+Spain. We reconnected with family, friends, couchsurfers, driving around the countries, and discovering the cultures from many recommended sources (not just one bias source like a guide book, we like to keep it local and fresh), land and just the vastness of all that exists where we were unlimited except by time and space. A really special time for us as father and daughter and as travel buddies and loving beings that love the travel world, connecting and discovering together.

For as long as I can remember I attract the energy that I put out, whether it be through a thought, action or word. As everything is energy and one creates their own reality thus their own energy, I made the conscious choice to choose my reality, to cultivate and harness my own energy in the best way for me. It may not be considered “ideal” for others, but it sure is for me! Often I say “if it’s an option that resonates with you on some level with where you are now or desire to be, go ahead and try it!” Going back to the “ideal” can happen anytime, but how can one know what else is possible if they don’t submerge themselves into another energy, another option, a potential opportunity for growth and expansion rather than plateau and follow the mass? We live once in this lifetime, let’s enjoy fully! It’s an option after all.

I envision myself somewhere, for example the mountains, beach, among communities of like minded beings, nature, abundance of organic foods, clean air, fresh drinking water and thus swimming water, I envision peace, harmony and balance. Until soon enough BAM! all that I projected through my imagination, my affirmations, my aphorisms (as per the definition on my iPad an aphorism is “a pithy observation that contains a general truth like “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”), my messages and self created stories, eventually manifest to be my reality, that which I live in, I create, I become, I am.

Like with any story “I am not this or that, I shouldn’t do this or that, I can’t do this or that, I won’t do/ go/ be/ feel/ see or create this or that, I don’t want/need this or that”, etc. the possibility of fine tuning one’s thoughts, actions, and mindset can assist in manifesting of more positive, beneficial and more in alignment energies with one’s true path. Whether you say you can or you can’t either way you’re right. So taking all the “negative” thoughts and transmuting them into positive thoughts “I can, I will, I am, I choose to, I invite in, I require and I desire”. It’s another option and it sure feels more in alignment than the false illusion of the “negative” self created or programmed/brainwashed created world.

Choose to remember rather than forget
Choose to be on time rather than not to be late
Choose to maintain health rather than prevent disease
Choose to remain positive rather than not be negative

It’s more of a surprise to me if I don’t attract some mysterious “miracles”. As per my my iPad’s definition, a miracle is “a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.” The typical definition that majority probably associate a miracle to be is “a surprising and welcoming event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency”.

I believe that we are instruments of the angles or higher powers and when we are ready the messengers appear through us, whether it be a person, place, or thing. So let’s show up and do our best to be here, now and re-empower ourselves creating the space for what truly resonates with us, rather than do something out of obligation because of a habit/pattern/program or story.

We are in this together, so let’s lead by example and put ourselves first so that we can actually show up fully and be there for someone else when it’s the ripe divine time