being a woman friggin rocks part 2:

A month ago, as a friend and I were talking about femininity, she asked me “doesn’t it bother you a bit to have such hairy legs?” (I hear this often)
“I don’t remove the hair unless I have a partner. I like to feel a man’s touch on my bare skin, I feel it more. It doesn’t bother me otherwise, why, does it bother you? Don’t look if you don’t like it! ” I replied.
“You should do it for yourself, not for someone else,” she commented.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a partner and femininity is something I’ve been really focusing on increasing gradually in my life. There’s something very feminine about smooth legs I admit.
“You’re absolutely right!” I responded, feeling rather silly and immature for denying myself something that actually did bother me a little time to time when I’d see my legs hairier than other men’s actually. I didn’t feel completely feminine because of it. It takes a good 2 months for the hair to fully grow in before I can wax because shaving is not an option for me. If it wasn’t so expensive and if I had the time I may consider doing laser hair removal one day.

“Dressing feminine and more elegantly is so common here in Italy and in most of Europe. Doris you’re so beautiful and very masculine at times, but I’ve seen you very feminine and it really suites you. Don’t you think it’s time to embrace that, empower yourself with that energy and not just do things internally to enhance it but externally as well? Come on Doris, a little more elegant clothing, more emphasis on your hygiene and for God’s sake wax your legs!” I burst into laughter when she said this to me, while walking the streets of Torino, Italy a year ago with a very close and feminine friend of mine. I have heard this over and over again and I have noticed that except in my hippie communities, where most people are searching for themselves, not sure of themselves and seeking for guidance outside of themselves, almost every woman I meet has smooth hairless legs.

Sometimes I took pride in leaving my legs hairy, in spite of all these women. I felt empowered because I didn’t remove that which is naturally given to me. I admit though, that my initial reason for not wanting to express myself through these external ways of femininity is because of my natural inner rebellion. Since as long as I can remember, I often did the opposite of what I was told or what society taught. Check out the pictures in this blog of when I was younger. I could play both masculine and feminine and liked both, especially the masculine at the time. I knew I had the feminine “goods” but so did many other girls and although they really embraced it and expressed it so well, I thought I’d be different and restrict myself more.

These self created stories and restrictions are apart of my past and thanks to them I am where I am today. Sometimes I don’t do what I want, when and where at my time in my way and it’s grand and all but I no longer want it to be this way. I have been enjoying a little more structure and routine gradually this year and I admit I miss it and yearn for it. I worked both smart and at times “hard” to get to where I am today but in a different way than the institutionalized way. I did it by travelling and traveling can be tedious and strenuous in different ways. It’s easy but also not at the same time. It’s simple yet complex.


Being a Woman Friggin Rocks! Part 1:


You know when a woman gets all dressed up, make-up, hair, heels, skirts, perfume, jewelry, the whole 9 yards? Well I don’t do this. I haven’t done this in almost a decade actually. Something about the way I programmed myself, (or possibly let myself be programmed by external influences) had me believe that this is not the way to express one’s femininity. Wow was I ever wrong! Incorporating some or all of these things is totally a way to express one’s femininity, but not limited to of course. These are just the external ways to express one’s femininity I’m aware but they exist and they seem to work for many women in this world (and some men too).

Expressing this way is totally awesome and totally natural, possible and abundantly available. If the Universe created these as options then why not participate in them? One becomes their environment, what they eat and what they wear. There are natural make ups, perfumes, clothing fibers, good quality accessories and more! The options are endless and when a woman looks and feels good in her own skin with or without these options MORE POWER TO HER! I totally respect, honor and admire women who allow themselves and give themselves permission to indulge in all these ways. (As long as they do it for themselves, not for an image, job or for attention). The heels maybe not stilettos, but something nice and pretty to excentuate her toes and her calves.

I haven’t dressed up in ages and it’s something I’ve been desiring to do for a while now.
Maybe not ALL OUT with the “whole 9 yards” but pretty close to it. Actually I don’t know I haven’t tried it.

When I’m around clothes in a market, someone’s home, a party, etc. I can’t help but look at and touch a dress, a skirt, a pair of heels. But I get overwhelmed by all the options and remember my limited space in my travel backpack so I shop but I don’t buy. My body has become accustomed to “hippie wear” anyway, my feet haven’t been in anything but wide closed toe sandals (Keens) and I haven’t worn anything tight around my butt except for a bikini bottom. Make up wasn’t even an option since I’m quite content with the features given to me at birth and I like the way my hair is naturally without chemical or artificial alternations. But, and this is a big but, I limited myself with self created thoughts like this so I honestly don’t know what I’ll feel like being in a little accessory.

Being on the road all the time, my clothing options are pretty minimal. Actually when I look at what I wear now, how I act, what I say and how I am in general in my mind, body and spirit, I admit I feel like a little accessory, a little addition to the whole and complete Doris that is me already. The Universe provided options for a reason and I have denied myself the many options that are actually natural to me. When I used to incorporate these options in my life years ago I actually enjoyed it.