About Feed Your Bliss

Welcome to the wonderful world of awe, yum, colours, creations galore and abundance of fresh flavours, experiences and thrills, travel, connections, touch, love and pleasure of life. I’m thrilled you can join in on all this fun and magic.

The journey I’ve embarked on was inspired by my many years of experimenting with foods from all over the world while traveling, making connections and learning outside of the concrete jungle (city life in Toronto).

It’s only natural that I was drawn to becoming a holistic health coach and chef, sharing my secrets in and out of the kitchen, sharing my messages of love and happiness and inspiring many to take their health and happiness into their own hands.

It feeds my bliss to witness my clients, friends and family progress each and every time I see them or hear from them. It feels gratifying to be a part of their continuing transformation, healing and lifestyle. Many have noticed the shift in their health and continue to maintain and/or improve the transition to a healthier, happier and more abundant life.

I wasn’t always healthy. I wasn’t always free to live as I please. I certainly wasn’t always happy. My life took a turn after I embarked on my first journey overseas to Israel at the age of 18. Soon after, I realized the art of travel, the mastery of self love, acceptance and approval and the power of the essence of life. I recognized my gifts and realized my purpose in life was and is  to share them.

For years, I suffered from digestive issues, poor quality of sleep, anger, back pain, acne and constant fatigue. I learnt so much about health, wellness and a balanced lifestyle through my travels, education and experimentations. I healed myself through many forms of healing and there’s not enough space here to describe in detail my journey. Through out this website, I will go more in depth of my journey and I hope to inspire many to heal themselves, from whatever ailments or imbalances they suffer from, and to feel whole, complete, trusting and loved.

Here’s a short timeline of my life to give you an idea of where I’m coming from and why I feel confident that I can assist, inspire and guide many on their journey. Whether for a full transformation or just a little fine tuning in their life, I believe there’s something for everyone.

Born and raised in Canada, my fascination with food preparation started at the age of 7.

When I turned 18, I headed to Israel, where my palate was really tickled by the Middle Eastern cuisine and I got away from parents, society and was solo in another country!

By 20 I became a registered(licensed) massage therapist and soon found myself in Thailand and India, where the flavours of SouthEast Asia really enticed me. Colours, spices, massage, yoga, meditation, and nature became even more potent elements in my life!

By 22 Central America (Guatemala) and South America (Ecuador and Peru) invited me in with their loving, open arms and contagious Latin smiles.

At 23 my mother passed away and I realized what true non-attachment and letting go really can be and is. My dad’s presence on my travels twice a year from then on, really strengthened and healed our relationship.

At 23 I danced in the organic markets, gardens, kitchens and oceans of Hawaii.

At 24 I revisited Latin America and discovered another land of smiles in Bali.

At 25 I revisited Israel, reconnecting with family and friends and finally made my way to Europe (France, Italy and Spain).

At 26, I participated in 2 retreats; as a yoga instructor in Ecuador on a rawfood yoga retreat then as a chef for a yoga healing retreat in Peru. I decided to facilitate my own retreats from then on.

After 8 years of traveling the world, becoming a massage therapist, a rawfood and vegan chef, holistic health coach, facilitating numerous rawfood workshops and health seminars, author and writer, and being a significant catalyst/influence in many’s lives, I decided to focus on my passion and facilitations of food and wellness. Through taste, touch, travel and connections in person with people all over the world, I gained the trust and confidence of many. It’s been very rewarding and very encouraging for me to continue to spread my messages of love, wholesomeness, joy, positivity, healing and incredible nourishing tasty recipes.

I have lots to share and I desire to share with the world. From my heart to yours!
May this blog feed your bliss as much as it has mine.

Green Goddess loves Thailand

Green Goddess loves Thailand


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