I’m in France! Appreciation for the World!

I have to admit, I have soooooo much to share and to regurgitate from my past 5 years of travel.

What I’d like to do right now is catch you up on the present, just for a moment. I’ll continue with India and the rest a bit later, but for now I must share my experience in Europe.

I’ve never been to Europe. I created the belief that it would be too expensive to travel the way I do and while I have this zest for adventure and the patience for lack of “structured environment” (which Asia and South America have), I want to save it for when I’m older.

Well folks, the time has come. I am out of this little box I’ve created for myself and I no longer hold on to such a belief. The time has come for Europe and I’m going full on with it.

For the past 2.5 years my father joins me on my travels twice/year. This year he joined me in Thailand and the for the first time in his life to Israel. (I decided to revisit countries i’ve been to before so Israel and Thailand were on my list) It was an amazing experience to reunite with family after 20+ years for him. The catalyst was my cousin’s wedding and the reconnection with one of my dad’s first girlfriends from 35 years ago (In Russia). It was magical and potent for us all (more on this later).

So after 2.5 weeks in Israel we headed to Barcelona, Spain for 1 week and now a week in France, with 3 days left, I’m feeling the abundance overfilling me and I’m looking forward to my time and space alone. But nonetheless I’m super excited to share some of the wonderful experiences we’ve had so far.

I couldn’t have done or visited as much as I have without my dad, yes this is true, but I could have hitch hiked, ride shared and worked my magic bartering and living my minimalistic life, but the Universe provided abundance through the union of family and I appreciate it and cherish it.

I’ve only heard of the fairytale scenery, culture and experiences in Europe in general, but my imagination can only take me so far.

We rented a car in Israel and couchsurfed, camped and stayed with family while there. In Europe we mostly couchsurf and camp.

We’ve swam in oceans, lakes, climbed in forests, ate incredible fresh food, met the most gentle, loving, caring warm open French and Foreign people, indulged in the numerous small towns, villages and cities, and I admit I’ve rosen in LOVE with France. With the little French and the large amount of Spanish I know, we got around just fine. Surprisingly more people in France speak Spanish more than English, so we rarely had language barriers. It’s fun discovering a way to communicate when a common language is not so easily accessible.

Barcelona was a fairy tale experience for me, what with each corner so picturesque and so welcoming. I felt hugged and embraced by the vibes of the city. ANd i”m not a city girl. But Barcelona is officially my favorite city so far I’ve been to.

Only traveling Southern France, I’ve rosen in LOVE with the vast Alpes, bodies of water, Gorges, and after the winding roads in South America, Asia, and some other parts of the world I am not surprised I didn’t get tired from the long hours of driving.

When I travel I do not drive. I only drive when a friend lends me a car, or I’m with my dad. And I love driving. I feel like the road is my page, and the car is my pencil and I draw my journey. I feel free and I love to find my own way through the vast horizons.

Of course with a travel companion there are some mishaps and challenges, but it’s part of the experience and when both parties love the same things, then the driving misunderstandings and disagreements become so irrelevant. And it’s all special and magical. I continue to unleash my inner child and rediscover myself and my truth every year. There’s something about Roots both in the family dynamics and in the place of birth that I’m starting to understand help shape me and keep me coming back for more. (More on why I return to Toronto every year, later).

So this is what has been as of June-July 2013 this year.

This explains why I haven’t written a blog in over 2 weeks. But as my time to myself approaches soon, I’ll be catching up on so much more so stay tuned and keep your jitters in your fingers to massage your self, releasing tension in your neck, forearms, back, chest, fingers, toes, keeping yourself comfortable and happy.

With so much love and gratitude,
Doris, the traveling Goddess