Poem: The road is my Shephard

I cannot wait to share this poem. During these past 5 years I’ve written a lot of poems and I dont’ want to wait to share this one. It was 6am, I went for my usual morning walk in the mountains of Northern Thailand and the energy around me encourage this to flow through me.

I recommend if you have someone next to you to read it to you while you close your eyes and let the words melt into your entirety. There’s something in this I really feel many will not just get, but resonate with on a literal and metaphorical level… enjoy! And please share your comments. What you felt when you read it, and how it felt when someone read it to you. Even record your own voice and play it back to yourself. It’s quite the experience. Less than 5min.

The road is my shepherd. I shall remain empowered by trust and embodied by love.
Crossing bridges, surrendering to my canvas of mystery.
I allow the hand of guidance to outline my horizon in front of me.
Each step paints my future, entering into the unknown.
I am drawn to weaving around designated lines, for their impermanence is merely a suggestion.
My truth, my resonance, lies outside the lines, allowing for my growth, expansion, spaciousness.
Boundless Freedom flows through my veins like the river of life.
I am Free! Free as the air provided by the trees, strong as the roots embedded in the core, whole as Mother Nature intended, complete as a cycle of life.
Endeavours sought, conducted by my imagination, tameless by my will, tender as a mother’s touch, warm as a child’s smile, gentle as a lover’s kiss.
The hills climbed reveal a prize, irrelevant are their size.
Destinations lead to the journeys, paths of all directions.
From sunrise to sunset, followed by my dreams, playful, fruitful, bountiful
Visible is my canvas, unattached to the painted outcome I remain.
No force. Just ease.
clouds pass by, soon too do the stars, the sun’s rays light up my way, so too does the glistening of the moon.
The wind brings seeds, the rain does feed and benefits shall be reaped by the bearing fruit.
My cocoon has cracked, vast and high my wings do soar, spiralling beyond the shores
My web is woven, flexible in the continuous vibrations.
I accept, allow and surrender to the guidance for rhythm of my dance.
The road is my shepherd. I shall remain empowered by trust and embodied by love.