being a woman friggin rocks part 2:

A month ago, as a friend and I were talking about femininity, she asked me “doesn’t it bother you a bit to have such hairy legs?” (I hear this often)
“I don’t remove the hair unless I have a partner. I like to feel a man’s touch on my bare skin, I feel it more. It doesn’t bother me otherwise, why, does it bother you? Don’t look if you don’t like it! ” I replied.
“You should do it for yourself, not for someone else,” she commented.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a partner and femininity is something I’ve been really focusing on increasing gradually in my life. There’s something very feminine about smooth legs I admit.
“You’re absolutely right!” I responded, feeling rather silly and immature for denying myself something that actually did bother me a little time to time when I’d see my legs hairier than other men’s actually. I didn’t feel completely feminine because of it. It takes a good 2 months for the hair to fully grow in before I can wax because shaving is not an option for me. If it wasn’t so expensive and if I had the time I may consider doing laser hair removal one day.

“Dressing feminine and more elegantly is so common here in Italy and in most of Europe. Doris you’re so beautiful and very masculine at times, but I’ve seen you very feminine and it really suites you. Don’t you think it’s time to embrace that, empower yourself with that energy and not just do things internally to enhance it but externally as well? Come on Doris, a little more elegant clothing, more emphasis on your hygiene and for God’s sake wax your legs!” I burst into laughter when she said this to me, while walking the streets of Torino, Italy a year ago with a very close and feminine friend of mine. I have heard this over and over again and I have noticed that except in my hippie communities, where most people are searching for themselves, not sure of themselves and seeking for guidance outside of themselves, almost every woman I meet has smooth hairless legs.

Sometimes I took pride in leaving my legs hairy, in spite of all these women. I felt empowered because I didn’t remove that which is naturally given to me. I admit though, that my initial reason for not wanting to express myself through these external ways of femininity is because of my natural inner rebellion. Since as long as I can remember, I often did the opposite of what I was told or what society taught. Check out the pictures in this blog of when I was younger. I could play both masculine and feminine and liked both, especially the masculine at the time. I knew I had the feminine “goods” but so did many other girls and although they really embraced it and expressed it so well, I thought I’d be different and restrict myself more.

These self created stories and restrictions are apart of my past and thanks to them I am where I am today. Sometimes I don’t do what I want, when and where at my time in my way and it’s grand and all but I no longer want it to be this way. I have been enjoying a little more structure and routine gradually this year and I admit I miss it and yearn for it. I worked both smart and at times “hard” to get to where I am today but in a different way than the institutionalized way. I did it by travelling and traveling can be tedious and strenuous in different ways. It’s easy but also not at the same time. It’s simple yet complex.

Growing Up Part 3: Mature and Empowered: Influenced by Intuition

Thanks to technology and fast paced societies, the contribution to lack of self awareness and agreement with outside (of oneself) influences, the natural instincts and intuition have become dormant and perhaps even nonexistent by now (with the amount of adaptation the world has undergone). I don’t know for certain, but I feel quite confident that if one doesn’t strengthen their intuition like they would their vocabulary or their physical muscles or relationships with others, life can become beyond dull. Maturity levels decrease and the next level/chapter of life becomes unread/unopened/undiscovered.

Imagine the potential that never gets sought for because of ignorance or weaknesses beyond the physical. We are lied to and manipulated by many authorities whom we “trust” or just become hypnotized, like marionettes. Many articles are being written, declaring incredible stats about the many who are blind or ignorant to what’s “really” going on in our world. But I believe with the amount of information being delivered and handed to us on a platter, there is no excuse for ignorance anymore, unless one has no access outside of their home or have been hypnotized by their parents, teachers, government, etc with everything locked and controlled. For those fortunate enough to have the access, it’s an option I feel is easily accessible.

I feel confident in stating that I believe everyone matures at a different time, in a different way, in a different fashion and some are faster at maturing than others.

I believe traveling the world is one of the most potent and most foolproof methods of maturing and getting to know beyond the box. Those who travel from a young age are some of the most intelligent beings I’ve ever met. Those who set themselves up in front of the computer or in front of books and learn that way about the world, are too, some of the most intelligent beings I have ever met. There is obviously more than one way to learn, to grow, to adapt, to strengthen one’s intuition and one’s logical mind. It has a lot to do with what stories one is holding onto. How far beyond the box is one willingly ready to explore? What else is one willing to create space for and what stories is one willing to let go of (FEAR based stories created by parents, teachers, media, authorities, self created, etc)?

Knowing what I know now, doing what I do now (and have been doing for more than a decade) I have come to realize that our parents are only our vessels. They do not own us, we are not pets, we do not own them, they are not our possession. They can only do their best to bring us up in the best way they know how. Whatever they did or didn’t do that doesn’t resonate with us, it’s only our responsibility now to forgive and let go. It’s all in the past now. Time to come out of that cacoon, unravel and open up to the vast potential of the Self, no more holding on, no more excuses. Take responsibility and mature through re-empowering oneself.

What would you like to create the space for in your life right now that feels lighter, more in alignment with where you desire to be, that place of optimality and assurance? This can only be accomplished by one’s own steps, the rest are influential, but must surely be “taken with a grain of salt”, acknowledged, considered, but never absorbed as any one truth. For truth is constantly changing, just as the world is constantly evolving and expanding. We must leave room for wonders and mysteries to continue to unfold. We must remain present and aware of where we are already at, love and approve of ourselves, never seek to change anyone, but only that of ourselves, and thus once we change, our perception will and does change and therefore our projection and manifestations.

The concrete jungle is just as potent in growing and learning as the wild natural jungle, for no matter what or where, we always take ourselves with us. Once we are aware that we are already whole and complete, that there is no “second half” or “answers outside of ourselves” only then can true healing take place. The inevitable events and lessons that will continue to take place can be viewed comedically or traumatically. Life can be enjoyable and rather humorous to walk, with presence, patience and compassion by our side.

“Getting a comedic view on your situation gives you spiritual distance. Having a sense of humour saves you. Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. Your real duty is to go away from the community to find your bliss. Breaking out is following your bliss pattern, quitting the old place, starting your hero journey, following your bliss. You throw off yesterday as the snake sheds its skin.”- Joseph Campbell

Growing Up Part 2: “It’s about stage, not age”

Someone once said to me when I was 20, “Doris you won’t be like this by the time you’re 26”. Being the little rebel that I was, I said “Nope you’re wrong! I will always be my happy go lucky self, full of energy, full of zest and life!” It’s a choice. The so called “inevitable” is also a choice to believe. Mind over Matter is very powerful and as complex beings, we’re like machines, like a computer but we are self operated and have control over our next action, and consciousness and awareness make it easier to fine tune and maintain utmost balanced alignment.

In 3 weeks I will be 26, on February 1st. And I feel that little girl in me is still just as alive and strong as she was when she was 10 and 20. As a friend of mine said numerous times to me “it’s not age, it’s stage”. It’s no wonder majority of my friends and romantic relationships have always been with individuals older than me. They are mostly youthful, energetical, have a zest for life and of course a reflection of myself.

I have made countless so called “mistakes”, which are just learning and growing curves, progressively mastering the art of sublimation and transitioning from a state of ignorance and immaturity to wisdom and maturity. I have no regrets for any of my misguidances or lack of experiences. When I was ready the messenger appeared, when I needed to learn my lesson I may not have always been ready mentally, but I am sure grateful I experienced all that I have and continue to do so, without a time limit or agenda.

When I started think about writing this particular blog topic, I was sitting in the middle of the jungle in Ecuador, without internet connection of course (and thank goodness for that: It’s a blessing to be away from radiation and wifi now days) I had plenty of time to reflect on just about anything my mind delved into.

Without effort my busy mind seemed to bring up many thoughts daily. I had no intention of meditating or being in silence mentally when I arrived. Instead of forcing myself to do something that is so unnatural to me, I consciously allowed myself the pleasure of freedom and no remorse. Once the thoughts came up, I remained present and aware of them, then, like a child, I give them attention and acknowledgement and then they subsided and vanished.

I do not suppress my thoughts or emotions. For those who know me well, know that I cannot suppress my tongue. When I have a thought, I share it whether verbally out loud or write it down. Why let a thought go to waste. There are no “bad” thoughts, except a thought not expressed, in one form or another, in my opinion.

Now, sitting in the airport in Lima, Peru, waiting to board my flight to the amazon, I reflect further on my journey these past 2 months and integrate its relevancy to my past few years.

During these years of maturing, adapting, growing, and being, I recognized that for my most valued commodity, my intuition, to be matured and optimal, it was not only fair, but it was the most important form of energy for me to cultivate and strengthen. Intuition is like a muscle, if it’s not strengthened, it will weaken and then what? What’s life without the strength of “spiritual communication”? Personally, for me, it’s a somewhat “incomplete” and/or dull life. It’s like sitting in a forest/jungle text messaging on a cell phone, missing the whole point of being in the nature. (Not being in tune with the present moment, the moment that feeds and strengthens the connection with the higher self).

I’ve been aware for sometime now of what’s going on inside and outside of myself and witnessing and observing myself and those around me has helped me grow immensely. Technology’s existence has helped me be more aware of this.

Read Part 3 to know and understand more in depth.

Growing up Part 1: I admit, I’m maturing and I’m ok with it!

I remember when I was a little girl and I desired more than anything to “save the world”! I thought about being the next Mother Theresa figure, but in 21st century style with a little disobedience mixed in.

I just thought “how can there be so much suffering in the world and so little love?” But I was blinded by my illusions. Little did I realize at the time, the suffering was minute compared to the abundance of love that was and always has been present. Like many, my perception was my projection and therefore my story became my reality. And I chose to believe the lies and illusions projected onto me and be manipulated by those around me who allowed themselves to be manipulated too.

With some years of experience I came to realize that I had the choice to tune out of FEAR station and turn up the volume on LOVE station. My perception of love in the world around me, conquered my doubt and illusions and I was unaffected directly, by the suffering. I was even unaware of most of the stories happening, unless someone had mentioned them. No news is good news so I stopped watching and listening to the news for the past decade. I was both naive and nonchalant. I thought, “Why are people focusing on that which doesn’t serve them? On that which they aren’t even physically present to (like that in a place of war or hunger)? On that which only dis-eases their own mind, body and spirit? Why aren’t they focusing on that which they can control (like what they put on and in their bodies, what comes out of their mouths, who they associate with) rather than what they cannot (like the suffering of another)? Why are they mentioning it constantly and not doing anything but feeding the obvious of turmoil? No wonder I thought about “saving” the world. But that which I perceive externally from myself is that which is inside me. So I was learning about myself through my external reflection. And as the years continued, so did my judgement.

Little did I realize at the time, by focusing on trying to “save” others, I didn’t do much for myself in that department. Like most, I grew up believing that pity, worry, obligation, feeling bad and all those FEAR based stations, were considered not just normal but the way one “should” express themselves when they see or hear of suffering. I later realized that was and is, all part of the illusion. There’s always been another option, which still leaves room for compassion but doesn’t dis-ease the unaffected (who therefore doesn’t become the affected or dis-eased in turn). One becomes that which they absorb and project whether directly or indirectly.

I remember being loved so much by my parents and friends that I got so used to the positive attention. I considered it to be normal and it would bother me when someone didn’t like me or something I did. I had to know what was wrong so that I could fix it and save the poor soul’s energy from lacking in love. I took it personally, rather than realizing it wasn’t me directly they were affected by, but by the trigger of their story. Even though it came naturally, I still found ways to drain myself. I, like many, gave energy from myself rather than through myself and caused much dis-ease for my own energy storages. I cared what others thought, I sought approval and I went out of my way to be accepted whether it was for the authentic me or the “insincere” me. I loved to act, so playing different roles came easy to me. As long as everyone was appearing happy and smiling I believed that I was too. I didn’t know what was true or false anymore. I lived in my fairytale world and it worked for me at the time, so I thought.

I couldn’t tell when I was being authentic. Smiling and being constantly in the state of happy and joyful came so naturally to me. I was afraid of disappointing others at the expense of my own TRUE happiness. I didn’t know any better. I made it my duty to trigger people’s temporary happiness. I allowed others to become dependent on my presence to lift their spirits. I was dishonest with myself because I didn’t put myself first. It was like magic. Someone could be in the worst mood possible and as soon as they’d hear my name or my voice or see me, it was as if they got knocked out of their trancelike state and became happy. I thought it was I who made them happy. I didn’t realize it was the qualities I exuded that brought it out in them and of course this was my story that made it appear so. How can one be of assistance to others unless they assist themselves first? I believe the way one is, is the way one delivers themselves and the delivery of their energy to another.

As time went by, I realized I cannot make anyone anything. I can only trigger a feeling or emotion in someone else, but I essentially cannot do it for them. Thus I learnt the art of perception and projection. As my father used to say to me “If you think so, then it is so”. I didn’t understand that until much later of course. It is only so to the one who thinks and perceives it as so and that’s all that matters to that person and so it so.


Happiness is there Part 2

Words have energy that cause us to attract that which we project from them. So it’s important to be mindful and aware of not just what we put into our mouths, but also what comes out of our mouths, not just what we give to others, but also what we receive or take from others, not just setting an intention for the year, but also for the moment or for the day.

Choose your words mindfully:

Let’s choose to “remember” rather than “not forget”
Let’s choose to “be on time” rather than “not be late”
Let’s choose to “maintain our health” rather than “prevent sickness”
Let’s choose to “tell the truth” rather than “hide from our lies”

People are our own reflection, they will often mirror some of our truths for us. No wonder people have a hard time accepting others when they do not accept themselves. It’s time to accept it all and honor the divine in ourselves and in others.

What’s there to wait for? The next dis-ease to pop up? No way! Let’s live in the NOW and do something about it NOW. Maintain the magic that’s already in existance but raise its’ frequency, raise the volume, raise its’ potency and raise its strength!

Next time someone tells you something you would rather not hear, tuning in deep into ourselves and asking “why” exists as an option. Often what bothers us about someone else is a reflection of what bothers us about ourselves. Either we did it, we do it or we don’t want to do it because of a judgement, a past experience or some self created story.

Our past is often seen in the present. If we don’t want our past to keep resurfacing it’s time to let it go and move on. It’s a progress but the more we sweep it under the carpet, the more it builds up until one day a buldge appears in some form or another, whether externally present or internally invisble to the naked eye and we disempower ourselves by trusting our lives in the hands of the “educated, more authorized” ones, or those who we appoint of taking responsibility for our decisions and choices in life. Let’s reempower ourselves now and take back what is rifley ours from the beginning. Let’s feel empowered by taking responsibility for ourselves and showing up for ourselves!

Happiness comes first and this is something that is always there, it’s just got to be recognized, not masked. Health follows happiness. When judgement and denial are disintegrated and acceptance, patience, forgiveness glide on in, then a smooth, more easeful, enjoyable life can prevail.

If one believes there is “limited time” for engaging in something that creates a sense of happiness, then this void will eventually catch up and the tendency to fill it artificially will continue.

Take a few minutes everyday to do one of the following:

-write something in a journal: a feeling, about your day, a joyful memory, a story, a poem, a recipe, what you would like to create more space for in your life, dreams and goals, etc.

-If you spend time on the internet, research something that pertains to what you enjoy most in life, or research ideas of what else is possible in life. Many start engaging in activities that they never knew possible before like yoga, potlucks, gatherings of like minded people, classes, programs, courses, retreats, traveling, forums, etc.

-Affirmations: The tendency to hold onto a story that no longer serves has the potential to be transformed into a new story that serves.
Examples: Instead of saying “i don’t have time” (and wish that you did) start saying “I now create the space for 1 hr everyday for…..” or start saying that you already have the time even if you don’t believe it. The mind can’t tell the difference between truth and false, it’s how you go about it not so much what you actually do sometimes that brings results.

If one desires to get out of a relationship, job or attract something more in resonance to where they want to be or feel they need to be, then they can say something like “I invite abundance of health, wealth, happiness and joy in my life”, “I now have the ideal job that includes what I love most (list what your perfect/ideal job/relationship would be, focusing on the positives of what you’d like rather than what you don’t like) Be as specific as you possibly can be.

If there are any activities that you were forbidden to do as a child like riding a bike or playing in dirt, go ahead and do it now. As an adult who’s stopping/restricting you? Is your external image more important than your internal image? Go ahead try something that you’ve always wanted to. You never know, some of the physical discomfort that is experienced on a daily basis may actually disappear. It could just be that you’re holding on to something and not letting yourself fully express or show up.
(Choose to engage in things that will serve you in the present moment and that will help you forward in life, not backwards. I’m not talking about taking drugs or having one night stands, I’m talking about things that raise the vibration of your being and keep you attracting more abundance and opportunities for growth and expansion. Try things in nature versus in the city. Try eating something you’ve never eaten before. Try a new game or a new genre of music/movie. Etc.

And as this is the topic of this message, a potent affirmation that honestly really does open one up to their truth and awareness of their happiness and choices and empowerment: “I am now happy, I live in my happiness, I am Love, I attract happy environments, people and energies, I love being happy.” and/or “I now create the space for happiness, I invite happiness into my life, I see happiness, I touch happiness, I now show up to my true happiness.”

I wish you all a continuation of your happiness and joyful lives, that whether or not you are conscious of, it is there and it is yours to regain and connect to in your daily life.

With love, light and happiness

Happiness is already there!

Many people have asked me how I am able to maintain my happiness. This question has boggled my mind for many years. I have compassion towards those seeking an answer and with an open heart, understanding and unconditional love I answer:

Happiness is not to be found, it’s something that’s always there, we just have to wake up to its existence. But it starts with us showing up fully to ourselves so that we can be aware and conscious of it.

When we LOOK for so called happiness, it’s not something that is real to me, it’s an illusion. When we believe something makes us happy it’s often a feeling of filling the void. To make up for anything else but feeling happy we often take life and conveniences for granted.

Life has become so fast paced for most of the world living in the modern societies and thus this can often mask up from our truths, passions, what feeds our bliss and what brings out our inner child.

We take ourselves everywhere we go, so it is the essence of recognizing our options to be happy with ourselves, be kind, gentle and loving with our inner child, our inner Gurus and Gods and overall recognize that we are light and that we’re perfect just as we are.

There is no need to be fixed, but rather accepting that we are who we are and that’s how it is and that any adjustments that need to be made will happen as we fine tune our connection to ourselves. Instead of relying on others to do the work for us by seeking external healing, we could share energies through assistanting one another in healing. We provide one another with tools and instruments, whether it be hands on energy exchange, advice, or merely just holding space for someone who requires to release some undesired energy that no longer serves them through verbal dialect. We can also lead by example, but we cannot force someone or expect their changes to happen unless they consciously create the space to do so.

By using our tools and instruments we gain and fine tune ourselves. It’s more simple than it seems. We are often drawn to complex things when the simplicity of life can make life more enjoyable, easy and reawaken the consciousness to our happiness that’s already there. We just got to wake up to it, unleash the masks, and do not judge ourselves or others in the process.

We live once in this life time, why not make it the best one and show up fully to ourselves, for ourselves, with ourselves and in ourselves. How can we be there for someone else fully if it starts with us and we’re not there for ourselves? So why not take the time, create the space for oneself and do what feeds your bliss.

Bliss is perfect happiness, it’s living in the HERE and NOW and doing what sings to your heart, brings out your passions, that little child within and makes you feel like you’re floating on marshmallows or on the ocean, or swinging in a tree or dancing to the beat in your heart, that vibrates to your toes, gets you giggling like a little excited child, who has just discovered rainbow colours and vibrant radiant sights, who just came across the most exquisite artifact in the forest or near a pond/river.

Where have we turned to and why haven’t we returned to ourselves for all this magic? Why do we think someone else will do it for us? Why seek our truth outside ourselves when the truth is constantly within.

Ok, so this may not seem realistic for many, as disempowerment has become the trendy thing to do now… letting society decide for us what’s right/wrong, good/bad, allowing it to numb us to what’s really in our best interest and for highest good. But it’s an option and for those experiencing from anything other than feeling their eternal light, just know that this is a reminder that you can do it and have it too!

An example of disempowerment:
A doctor can only tell you what he knows by the book and by the blood analysis, test results, etc. (which are often misdiagnosises) But what he cannot tell you is what’s really going on and where one’s dis-ease came from. In fact to be perfectly honest the doctor doesn’t even know you. The real doctor is you. You are your best doctor because no one can know you better than you know yourself,but alas to be conscious of this, one must tune into their own rhythm and tune up the love station and turn down the fear station so that they can actually hear and feel what’s going on inside. There’s no need to numb this with medications, self denial, low self esteem, listening to others or putting oneself last. We’re in a new era! Yes! time to raise the volume on love station and recognize that the time is NOW, if we desire to continue forward and not backward we’re gonna have to show up for ourselves first and no one else. The rest will rise into place like a high rise building, rather than falling down like a stack of dominoes.

To be Continued later today…..

Some suggestions for meditating, yoga, and life in general

Before I continue my travel journeys, I just wanted to add this here now. This came to me this morning while I was meditating in the park near my cousin’s place in North Israel (where I am currently). Many are asking me for some written guidance and something tangible to use as assistance to their daily journey.

I feel this might assist in people’s “preparations” not just physically but mentally and emotionally and thus follows the “spiritual” aspect of the whole experience that comes with the journey to whatever comes next.

And remember yoga is not just the physical aspect, there’s way more in it than what the Western world has created it to be. Hope this assists you further on your path in life in general.

-Begin to observe your daily life: your breath, heart beat, what you are attracting now in all aspects (relationships, thoughts, feelings, views, jobs, etc.), how your physical body is internally and externally, how you view yourself and the world around you. Observe without labels or judgement, just observe so that you are aware of where you are at.

-If you aren’t already, start a daily meditation practice. This doesn’t have to be the typical meditative position where you sit and close your eyes and breath with a focus on one thing particular. Instead, find any comfortable position whether sitting, standing, or laying down, even try sitting on a swing or floating on a device in a body of water and just be there with your eyes opened at first, observe for 2-5min what is happening in and around you, then close your eyes and repeat. If any thoughts come, allow them to and observe what thoughts are coming up, then let them go by bringing your attention to your breath, observing any sensations that may or may not be present in your body.

-You can be as creative with this as you’d like. Try something new each week or each day by adding any of the following into your practice:
-candles, incense, soft meditative music, flowers, leaves, pictures of people you love/admire/respect/honour, a picture of yourself, crystals, stones, rocks, sand, plants, a gift from someone dear to you or an object that you really feel good being around. If you’d like you could even set up a little alter on the floor/ground/a little table or anywhere that you feel is away from distractions and that will give you the feeling of potency, quality and having your own sacred space you go to for just you.

-Try wearing different colours each day, one that represents the colours of the chakras and because each colour has different properties and relevance, observe how you feel wearing that colour whether it be during your meditation, yoga practice on the mat, or yoga practice in your daily life at work, events, wherever off the mat.

-Start with 5min anytime of the day you choose to create the space for this practice and when you feel it’s comfortable and appropriate for you add a minute or two every now and then and don’t focus on the time so much as the quality. Write your experience down if you’d like in as many or as little words as you’d like, jot notes or full sentences, whatever works best for you in this moment.

-Familiarize yourself with the chakras. Read online, books, ask people you know for some info. Wherever, however, whenever, discover the resources available to you and do a little self familiarization to understand a little more what they are about and how you can incorporate their relevance into your daily life.

-Get out in nature even if it’s for 5min and stand barefoot on the ground and just stand there and observe whether in the evening or morning. Look up at the sky if it’s evening, look up at the sky if it’s day light in the direction away from the bright sun if it’s before 8am and observe the clouds, stars, moon, etc. if visible in your part of the world.

-Create the space to take a journey somewhere in the nature where the sky is visible clearly without the distractions of the modern amenities.

-Do your best to observe your breath during the time you spend in nature and of course everywhere you are. When you remember your lungs and thus the rest of your entirety will benefit.

-Continue to be gentle and kind to yourself and others no matter where you are, even if you are already doing this, be aware and conscious of this.

-Yoga, being a lifestyle that you can cultivate as much or as little as you create the space for in all aspects, not just the physical, will, is and can be an instrument that you tune into to guide you on your path in all aspects.

-Observe the above suggestions starting now, so that you know, feel and get a sense of where you are right now. Starting now up until the retreat, then during and after the retreat you’ll see where you’ve progressed, what no longer serves you and where your adjustments and adaptations to the lifestyle you want to invite in and continue exist. Being in a sacred space like Vilcabamba may assist you on this journey to really tune into where you are, where you desire to be and where you feel is in your best interest to be.

-The internal physical body is not a space that one sees or senses without an external influence like a machine of some sort. And thus if there are any dis-eases of any sort the signs will come up through feelings that may not feel so pleasant or they may or may not be physically tangible. THis is where the journey to self attunement and connections come in. This is why I highly encourage you to really begin/continue to become aware of yourself and your surroundings, all that you do, say and think. Without judgement or attachment to it, just observe it.

-Start a journal if you have not already, and record your daily activities, feelings, thoughts, what you eat and when, in what mood, with whom, how you observe yourself and whatever comes out through the writing, allow it. It can be as much or as little as you like. As you start to become more aware of the above mentioned, you’ll start to notice how much more mindful and conscious you become of yourself and thus self awareness and adaptation, adjustment, realizations, and intentions become more easily available to create space for. It can become a pattern like brushing your teeth before bed, where it just becomes so easy to be with yourself anywhere you are, anytime.

-Your breath, and even your posture, and your daily yoga in general whether on the mat or off the mat will become more of a pleasure rather than a chore (if you’re in this space currently). Either way the yoga journey heightens and new additions are added and the endless journey continues as the layers are unleashed and shedded, creating space for more of what serves you towards the path that you resonate and feel is best for you.

-Recognize that whatever you do that assists your journey is like an instrument and so you can fine tune it to the tune/note you resonate with most. Rely on your intuition and your final decision in the moment, with space for mystery and spontaneity of course, to guide you, not the opinions or actions of others. Use that of others’ as instruments as well, but empower yourself with your final say and feel good about it, recognizing what is best for you may or may not be in tune with what is observed outside of yourself, or vise versa.

-Daily in the morning or evening before you get out of bed, take 1-2 min to just observe where you are, how you feel and how your body feels. Do your best to observe it without the thoughts of the future. Remain as present as you can just for a minute. Perhaps you’d like to even use this time to recollect your dreams. Try keeping the eyes closed without any movement so that you can really feel and be in the moment and “digest” the night’s energy and bring in the morning’s energy.

-Then take the next minute to set an intention for the day. And observe yourself throughout the day, being mindful, aware and conscious of this intention.

-Sometimes it helps to set your phone (if you have it around you often) to the alarm option that gives off a sound every hr or few hrs that you can use as a reminder to come back into the moment and become aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your breathing, intentions or just to sense consciously where you are in the moment. Eventually one day the phone reminders will not be necessary as your body adapts and adjusts to the daily practice.

-All of these suggestions are part of yoga, a daily lifestyle of union with yourself, others, your surroundings and where you are right now in the world, in the Universe.

-Create the space to make any of these as part of your daily life, and go into the journey with a joyous, loving attitude, as a pleasure and as a way of being of service to yourself and others. See the journey to continued self expansion as an instrument like adding a slice of lemon to a glass of water, it’s enhancing the flavour, but the liquid with an added component is still there as the hydration and maintenance with an elevated flavour and vibration, not an obligation or a necessity.

I wish you all an easeful, joyful, mindful, gentle, loving, and abundant journey.