Sundried in the city Raw Kale Chips


Love the crunch of chips? You’ll love these green chips! And quite easy to make, no electricity needed, just the presence of our most abundant source of heat: the sun! Best part… nutrients are still present and you can prepare them in the morning, leave to work or wherever and come back in the evening for a yummy evening or next day snack! See recipe below.

Have you heard about this “green” trend happening around the world?
Well it’s been around for a while now and it’s actually not a joke, it’s more popular than ever! green is a huge part of life. Look around you, green is everywhere (unless you live in a desert or in a treeless concrete jungle (city).

Salad is not the only way to get your greens, here’s a very nutrient rich green leafy veggie snack: KALE! It’s not so tasty on it’s own for most people, but here’s a way transformed and scrumdiliumptious!

I love to use a kale leaf as a wrap, in salads, in smoothies, juices, chopped fresh in sautés, soups, etc. And I’ve always been a fan of kale chips. But I’m not a fan of the dehydrator machine: leaving food inside a box that is plugged into an outlet that is letting radiation and other energy distorting factors come through… for 24 hours.. it’s not so appealing to me. Tasty ok but in the end, not so many nutrients left and for some a high electricity bill added. Maybe better than deep fried potato chips but there’s another way to still have them tasty and even cheaper.

Machine dehydrated kale chips are really expensive, about $5-$9 for 200-300g,depending where you buy from, and if sun dried, even more expensive, but rare to come across.

Kale is very watery, that’s why you’ll notice in the pictures the before and after, and this is why they’re expensive. The volume decreases drastically when the water evaporates. But a fresh bunch is usually $3-$4 depending on where you buy, the season and the size sometimes.

How about this: sundried kale chips. It can be done even in the city. I chose to make them on the weekend when the construction near by was on pause. Living on the 9th floor helps a little, but the sun only comes at 3pm for 4-5 hrs, but it seems to be enough around this time of the year. Maybe where you are it will be hotter and sunnier earlier in the day and if you’re leaving them to dry out on your balcony of your apartment/condo hopefully you get the sun shining on your side. If you live in an open area or have your own house/farm/etc. this should be even easier for you when there’s tons of sun. You can even vacuum pack these chips and have them in the winter.

There are several types of kale but I find the green leaf kale to be the best tasting for chips. See pics below.

Fast drying Sundried kale chips:

-Lots of kale, as much as you possibly can get, stems removed
-olive oil (bottle with a drizzle top)
-1-2tbsp lemon juice (depending on the quantity of kale and how sour you like it)
-salt and seasonings to taste
examples for seasonings:
-salt, pepper (cayenne/black/white)
-italian seasonings: basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary herbs,
– indian spices: curry, cumin, Garam Sala, Tandoori, turmeric, etc.
-superfood: mesquite powder, maca, spirulina, hemp protein
-sweet: dehydrated banana powder, beet juice, coconut sugar, date sugar
-add pickle juice and dried dill weed for a “dill pickle” taste

Loving preparation:
-remove the stems of the kale by folding the leafy and sliding it off
-tear the kale into chip size pieces (see picture)
(Do not shred too small, remember they shrink significantly when dried)
-In a large bowl drizzle (and I mean drizzle, or else you’ll get greasy chips)
the olive oil and massage and toss the kale leaves until they are covered and look like the 3rd picture
-Add the lemon juice and your choice of seasonings, toss and cover all the kale again
-lay out on a mesh or in a tray, one layer, not overlapping
-leave out in the sun until dried (4-7 hrs depending on the strength of the sun and wind. It helps to have wind, so face a fan on the kale if there’s no wind, for extra assistance in the drying process.

The chips as you can see the final result are really really small and more than 1/4 of the amount.
Store in airtight bags/jars for up to a week in the fridge.

Sundried Tomatoes:
You can do the same with tomatoes. Use organic and try different kinds. The “uglier” and more mishapened the tomato the better. Cut really thin
and sprinkle with your favourite seasonings. These ones I sprinkled with basil, rosemary, salt and turmeric powder, using green, red, purple and yellow tomatoes. I used about 5 tomatoes for this amount.

Tomatoes will need 2 days to dry so you’ll have to leave overnight outside, even if it’s in the cold. If you have an area that has bugs, use a mesh and keep them raised off the floor or store in fridge overnight.

Store in airtight bags/jars and keep in the fridge for up to a few months, or marinate them in olive oil with garlic for an even tastier variation.




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