Rejuvenating Hot Chocolate Elixir

It’s that time of the month for me and today I felt like something really nourishing, rejuvenating, rich and delicious! It’s a known fact that no matter what time of the month, women love chocolate and especially on their moon (aka menstruation). I don’t mean to seclude men here, I know you totally love chocolate too and this post and recipe is for you all too! Beneficial for all genders and ages!

The moon time is a sacred time for women to relax, rejuvenate, replenish, and surrender. In the world we live in, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle and lack of nutrients in our overall life, so relaxing for even a day is not always an option. Luckily, there are many ways to work, be stressed and make the moon time a little easier and even an enjoyable time.

One of my favourite treats during this time is my delicious, creamy and ever so nourishing hot chocolate elixir. It’s rejuvenating because of all the wonderful healing elements and superfoods added to it.

This special recipe includes ingredients that aren’t just tasty but also healing and beneficial for the body. See info about each ingredient below the recipe.



  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (preferably preservative free)
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (preferably homemade)
  • 1-2 tsp Shatavari powder (use 1 if this is your first time using it)
  • 1 tsp gelatinized maca powder (red/black/white all work)
  • 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon powder
  • 1 tbsp MCT oil or raw coconut oil
  • Pinch-1/4 tsp Celtic/Himalayan salt (freshly ground preferably)
  • 2 tbsp cacao/coco powder or carob powder
  • 1-3 tsp monk fruit powder/maple syrup or your choice of sweetener
  • optional sweetener replacement:
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp licorice root powder (do not use if you have blood pressure issues)

Note: or use 8-12 drops of your favourite liquid stevia (I like Sweet Leaf because there’s no after taste)

Optional: for spicy add 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper and/or ginger powder

Loving  Preparation:

  1. Heat up both milks in a small pot on high heat. Remove from heat just before it starts to boil (approx 5 minutes)
  2. In the mean time add the rest of your ingredients into a high speed blender.
  3. Pour milk into the blender and slowly increase speed until it’s on high and blend for 10 seconds until frothy.
  4. Taste and add more of any ingredient if you desire.
  5. Pour into your favourite mug, sprinkle with cacao/cinnamon and sip away.

Remember: No recipe is set in stone

Some benefits of each ingredient (source of facts provided)

  1. SHATAVARI may promote:
  • Healthy female and male reproductive system
  • Increased levels of breast milk production
  • Soothes and moisturizes the digestive tract and respiratory tract
  • Increased levels of energy
  • Boost the immune system
  • Natural antioxidant properties


2. GELATINIZED MACA ROOT ( (lepidium meyenii)

  • Due to being a cruciferous veggie it needs to be gelatinized and never RAW
  • An adaptogen (helps restore the body back into balance by adapting to stressors)
  • Helps balance hormones
  • Immune Booster
  • Boosts levels of glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase)
  • Increase levels of energy and stamina
  • Improved sexual function
  • Improved memory, mental focus, mood
  • Contains absorbable vitamins and minerals and nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium
  • Over 20 amino acids


3. LICORICE ROOT (Glycyrrhiza: comes from “glukos” (sweet) and “riza” (root).)

  • Relieves constipation (a common symptom for many women on their moon time)
  • Aids digestion and acid reflux
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Immune booster
  • Relieves symptoms of PMS and Menopausal Support
  • Fights viral infections
  • Relieves ulcers
  • Relieves stress from adrenal glands (regulate the stress hormone cortisol)



Note: When purchasing cinnamon opt for True Cinnamon aka Ceylon vs. Cassia aka Saigon/Chinese. Cassia contains far more Coumarins which are believed to be potentially damaging to the liver when more than 2 tsp consumed/day).

  • Contains absorbable vitamins, minerals, amino acids
  • Helps defend against cognitive decline and protects brain function
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Diabetic (natural sweetener option for diabetics too)
  •  Anti-microbial
  • Immune booster
  • Cancer and heart disease-protecting abilities


5. CACAO (minimum 50%)

  •  Real Raw Cacao contains high levels of flavanols (aka. flavan-3-ols) which promote increased blood flow into and out of the brain to stay focused and take on tasks)
  • Increase mood (increases seratonin levels)
  • Reduce stress
  • Relieves constipation
  • Contains Theobromine:natural stimulant that decreases depression, increases relaxation and euphoric feelings
  • Anti-Oxidant (known to have more than blueberries)
  • High levels of inerals



Super Creamy Smoothies (and lots of FYI for fun)

Everyday after the gym in Quito, I’ve been whipping up a super creamy, nourishing, tasty smoothie. Before I get into these scrumptious nourishing recipes (located at the end of this blog), I’d like to share a few health facts and FYI that I’ve learnt about and experimented with over the past few years.

The oils I find here in Ecuador, are not the highest quality so I’d rather use local, fresh and very high quality fat: Avocado! Bonus: avocados are cheap and filling! They replenish my fats, proteins, other nutrients I require, while adding incredible texture and flavour to all my smoothies.

I do my best not to mix fruits with fats, so I use avocado, which is a fruit with natural fats. I try to have one or the other, although sometimes I will use both fats and fruits together, out of habit, seeking for taste and texture, but I suffer later from the food combination (gas, bloating). I don’t do this too often anymore, as I remember eating nuts and raisins, sweets after a heavy meal (which always had some sort of fat present, whether oil, butter, nuts, seeds, meat, etc.), and overloading on raw desserts (recently in the past 2 years), daily for years, and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel so energized afterwards. Now I replace dressings, sauces and oils with avocado when I want to add flavour, texture, volume and fat to my meals and because it’s light, I can wait 20-30min before having my dessert and not suffering the food combining consequences. Yay compromising balance!

Did you know that young coconut water used to be injected intravenously into human veins, instead of whatever saline solution that is being used now in hospitals? Coconut water is almost equivalent to the human plasma and we are made up of 70-90% water. Doesn’t it make sense to ingest that which is like our blood and thus will nourish our blood? Water is drawn up from the depths of the Earth, into the roots, trunk, branches and ultimately into a shell that contains this healing liquid. Now that’s what I call nourishment from Mother Nature!
The water of the young coconuts, when they are less sweet, more mineral dense and have more water in them are ready for consumption as long as they having been growing on the tree for at least 1 year. The harder, dark brown coconuts are the older, more sweet, more coconut meat (which we cannot digest properly) and less water, and are often more readily available in stores than the young coconuts.

Sun charged food is extremely beneficial and essential for our health and optimal functioning of our body, mind, spirit and therefore our overall life in general. Without the sun, that which grows, could not grow and would be in darkness.
Studies have shown the phenomenal differences between areas in the world that have an abundance, a lack of and an absence of sunlight. It’s quite astonishing the differences in health, happiness and overall lifestyle function of all these beings. As well as the lack of vitamin D2, which we get for free from exposure to the sun’s rays, can cause incredible health problems as well. So soak up in the sun whenever possible, obviously when the UV rays are not too strong.

Studies have also shown that sun gazing (sunrise and sunset are the best and easiest to stare at for long periods of time), aids the functioning and helps heal the pineal gland, vision, health and many parts of the whole eye mechanism. I sun gaze when I remember to and when the sun is not too high up. I used to do it daily for 2 years so I can attest to the proof. My eye site got better sun gazing, combined with more raw food eating, more bare foot walking on Earth, eye exercises and less time staring at electronics. But now of course I spend a lot of time on the computer and it depends where in the world I am and the time of day, when I remember to look up. I do my best to expose myself, my skin and my food daily to the sun, wherever I am, as often as I remember, choosing to walk or cycle rather than take a taxi or bus, if the distance is under 30min, just to soak up the incredible healing medicine freely available, daily! Check out this article with videos about safe sungazing, earthing and sun charging.

Aloe vera comes from a cactus plant and is usually drunk like a juice. The quality of aloe vera on the market is very variable – If it’s purchased in a bottle and tastes like water it probably is. Nothing is better than fresh Aloe which is a truly amazing plant. Do your best to get fresh whole aloe vera leaves, often found at Asian super markets or China Town, South American stores, or you can purchase the plants and have them in your garden or inside your home. Youtube “how to obtain the gel of an aloe vera leaf” (there’s a very efficient practical way to getting inside the leaf without hurting yourself on the side spikes).

The best and most potent, medicinal and nutrient dense aloe gel for ingesting is that of the really big, older leaves. Aloe Vera is opposite to coconuts, since coconut water is best when they are younger. Aloe Vera is very popular in Asia and South America, where it grows abundantly outside of the crowded material dense cities. Usually in mountainous or jungle areas. Since it is a cactus it doesn’t need a constant supply of water, but definitely can shrivel and die if it’s exposed only to the sun and no water. It helps aid in soothing inflammation of anything, digestion problems, constipation, ulcers, stomach and colon problems, skin and scalp problems, genital itchiness and irritation and of course there are so many other healing properties. Research more if you’re curious. Make sure to consume only the gel part of the leaf, not the green part (which is very bitter and not used for ingestion). Rub your skin and face with the inside of the skin when you are done getting all the gel. Make use of it to its fullest!

So all the recipes shown here contain ingredients that relate to the above information. Remember we absorb the energy not just the nutrients of the food. If I am in a rush, my body may not actually absorb, assimilate or even process any of the food. My energy would be focused in my mind of where I have to go or what I have to do, rather than focusing in the present moment of obtaining, enjoying and being with the whole experience of my meal, thus making the nutrients more easily transportable to my cells and entire being. I am what I eat after all! So I do my best not only to consume the best quality products, but to remain in the moment with them and benefit from the whole experience. “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates) This also pertains to the way we consume and ingest the medicine, not just put it into us.

If you cannot find a fresh young coconut, replace the coconut water with the best quality water you can find, put it in a glass jar and leave it in the sun light outside for minimum 20min and add a little more lime juice to the recipe.

Did you know that fresh citrus fruit juices like lemon and lime are acidic before they enter the stomach? Once they enter the stomach they transform into an alkaline substance. This is why it is recommended to have lemon/lime juice with lukewarm water when you wake up in the morning or before meals (especially acidic meals). It helps aid the functioning of the alkalization of our bodies, which we need after all the repairing of our acidic bodies in the night time. Hence why it is recommended not to eat at least 2 hrs before bed and definitely nothing heavy like meat or cake. All the energy will be focused on digesting (which is minimal during sleep anyway) instead of repairing the body as required for optimal functioning. And the result will be waking up with undigested food, and the toxins from the lack of digestion going into the blood stream. AH!

Super Nourishing Creamy Smoothies:

1. Super Good For Me In Every Way Smoothie

-2 cups of coconut water
-2-4 Tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel
-the juice of one lime (or a little more if not using coconut water)
-1 heaping tbsp of your favourite green powder (I used alfalfa and chlorella tablets)
-1/2 of a medium avocado or 1 whole small avocado

Loving Preparation:
-In a blender combine all of the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Do not over blend and do not let it heat up!
-Serve immediately in the nicest glass you have. You deserve the best.
-Decorate with a slice of lime, avocado or a flower of your choice


Giddy Yoyo is my favourite High Quality Superfood Company based out of Canada!

2. Super Good For Me In Every Way Smoothie with Goji Berries
This is the exact same recipe as #1 but with 1-2 tbsp of goji berries (presoak for 20min in 1/2 cup of the coconut water being used and include the water in the recipe)
-Decorate with goji berries, a mint leaf, flower, or whatever you like!


No surprise, these are Giddy Yoyo’s raw wildcrafted Goji Berries! Yummy! and no chlorella, so the red shows more!


3. So Good For My Body Creamy Mango Smoothie
(you can replace the mango with any other sweet juicy fruit, but use organic whenever possible and only use one fruit, try not to mix fruits and use local and seasonal whenever possible)

-1 cup coconut water
-1 mango
-1 tbsp of your favourite green powder (I used Alfalfa powder)
-1/4 tsp fresh vanilla bean powder (or 1 tsp vanilla extract)
-2-4 Tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel (gel of about 1/4-1/3 of a medium sized aloe vera
leaf) (Put more in if you suffer from stomach problems: see note above for info)
-fresh juice of 1 small lime or a little more if you are not using coconut water.
Optional:1/2-1 tsp freshly minced ginger or 1/4 tsp ginger powder (depending on how gingery you like it) For a little spice, add a dash of chilli or cayenne pepper.

Loving Preparation:
-In a blender combine all of the ingredients, until smooth and creamy. Do not over blend and definitely do not let it heat up.
-Serve in the nicest glass you have. You deserve the best afterall!
-Decorate with a mint leaf, lime wedge, flower, or whatever you like


Depending on how much Green Powder you add will depend on the colour of the final result

4. So Good For My Body Creamy Mango Green Smoothie
This is the exact same recipe as #3 but add a handful of parsley and/or spinach leaves